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1/5 scale PT-19 Customer Testimonials

"You have produced a great model of the PT-19 and hope to place an order soon !"

"I actual have 2 NIB Dynaflite PT-19s but you's looks so much better."

"What a job you have done with this airplane "fantastic""

"Hi Gunny,

It's done and flown. See attached pictures.


Overall, instruction, plans and short kit material are well done.

The L.G. fairings were not difficult to make; just wet the ply first. Since they are made from 1/64 ply, I did the first one dry. It cracked on me.

The C.G. worked out great with a G-38 for power. The plane balanced out at the suggested location without any additional weight. I covered the plane with solartex, Home Depot for matching paint and 220 grit sand paper for the wing walks. Final weight dry: 20.5 lbs.

In the air it's a pussy cat. I enjoy taking it to the field and showing it off."

Harvey Rubenstein

"I completed the PT-19 I bought from you. We flew it this morning and it flew great. It required 2 clicks of aileron and rudder to flight hands off. It gained 4 lbs. during the finishing. But I put a lot of detail on it with two cockpits and Pilots. It weighted 23.8 lbs. and flew great. The saito works great. It flies the plane at half throttle pretty scale and will take it through a loop with no drop it speed or altitude. I think it is a great combination.

Here are some pictures of it."

Olen Trenary

"Gunny, I finished my PT-19 and it came out great... Want to fly it it tomorrow... I have attached a few pictures for your review. The pilot's head turns when I bank the airplane. My plane weights 19lbs 7ozs."


Very well put together kit. Am looking forward to a great build, this should be a lot of fun.. wanted a good PT19 for a long time. Thanks!

Hal Marshall

Hi Gunny

I have been following the build thread on RCSCALEBUILDER on your great kit.

Ernest is doing a great job.

I have decided that I must have this model as my first non arf build.

I have just got to get a few Arfs finished then I will be buying the kit from you.

I have been looking at this model from you for some time but was a bit nervis about it being my first kit in 30 years.

I am still nervis but after looking at Ernest’s work (at RCScaleBuilder forum), I am inspired



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