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1/4 scale 2-33 Customer Testimonials

"We met Gunny Bumburs in September, 2010 at the New England Aerotow event in Salem, CT. More over, we met his beautiful Schweizer SGS 2-33."

"Although this is a "short kit" the manual is anything but short! I have built a lot of models over my 50+ years of model building and this kit has no equal in my experience. The manual is filled with detail and pictures and a comprehensive list of things needed to complete the build. Then there are the rolled plans...sheet after detailed sheet!"

"After seeing Gunny's plane fly at the SKSS aerotow I was hooked! At first I thought the price was a bit on the high side but once I started going through the plans and manual I can safely say it's a true bargain! Folks, this is a wonderful sailplane to build! I have a kit waiting to be built…"

"I have just realized that "resistance is futile" and I will be starting on my 2-33 this afternoon!"

"I need to tell you that the 2-33 build is addicting. So put on some coffee and be prepared to spend the afternoon / evening enjoying the build."

"Gunny gives explicit instructions in his detailed manual along with pictures for each step."

"These nice weekend days didn't even tempt me to fly...(well, okay, maybe just a little)...but this build has been so much fun that I just want to keep going on it."

"I wanted to spread the word. The build is super easy with all the laser cut parts and it could probably be done in a weeks time if only I didn't have to work but it is a very enjoyable build."

"Mounted the radio tray/tow release mount and setup the tow release servo. A really simple design and very easy to fabricate following 

Gunny's instructions."

"Gunny I need to thank you for taking the time to proof your design, it definitely makes building this plane an enjoyable experience, everything fits!"

"just to let you that my christmas present arrived ahead of time !

A nicely packed box of lasercut parts arrived all in good order, many thanks for that.

It is always a worry when sending stuff halfway around the world."

"I had a fellow modeller over for a look at the plans this afternoon and he was gobsmacked by the quality !"

"I will be purchasing the full kit for the built-up version. Really a great design for what I have seen on RcGroups, etc. Thanks for the time and looking forward to the build, no matter how the kit gets here..."

"Hi Gunny,

today I have received the plans and manual package and I am truly impressed.

The benchmark I have previously used has been the Bob Violet Jet kits and your plans are as good if not better."

"The model is a builders project but when it is broken down most of it is straightforward."

"I cannot wait to show these plans to my father who is old school and has taught me everything building wise."

"Hi Gunny,

I'm enjoying the build of my SGS 2-33 A. The plans and laser cut parts are a joy to work with. The plans and manual are the best I have ever worked with. (P.S., I'm an old draftsman and know plans.)"

"it's been a great build so far. I'm really impressed with your structure in the fuselage. Great design!"

"I'm glad we started with Gunny's kit....

It is allowing me to get my sea legs under me. I might have lost interest in another build however, Gunnys hard work and attention to every detail has made our builds go very smooth."

"Hi Gunny..

I thought you would like to see a few pictures of my 2-33. It made it's first flight at Visalia, Ca on May 17th. It flew great. A real floater. Had a slight head wind on landing and it did not want to come down even with full spoilers. A real pussy cat to fly. I like it .."

Hi Gunny

Thank you, thank you, The best set of plans I have ever seen ! I have been in and out of this hobby for too many years, built countless models along with a few full scale homebuilts, I have never worked with a set of plans as good as yours. I could build a full scale with less info ! Hats off to you and your team. Again thanks, this will be a wonderful project this winter.

Paul Van Tries

Hagerstown Md

Hi Gunny

Got the 2-33 fuselage framed up! Not bad for one weekend. What a kit, best I have ever built and there have been many ! Many thanks now back to work.



I must say,the Schweizer 2-33 is a beautiful sailplane.

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