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02/12/24 fulfilled orders on 1/4 scale 2-33's We have  (2) in stock!

02/02/24 1/4 scale 2-33's now come with the wing struts

11/25/23  We have (2) 2-33 1/3 scale kit in stock 

10/27/23 fulfilling orders on 2-33 1/3 scale

04/24/23 Cessna 185 kits page is now updated. The first 4 185 kits are done. Going down the e-mail list from 2020 to fulfill orders. 

04/10/23 Shop and office are now done. Started to make the first 4 Cessna 185 kits. 


03/26/23 The laser got a new tube, mirrors and lenses installed.

01/18/23 The shop building and office is almost done. Still have to establish business and accounts here in Wild Wonderful West Virginia.

Thank you for your patients... Hopefully we can be fully opened by Spring!

Also, Just when I moved the website provider decided to change something on there end and screwed up the website. So a few things are not showing or displaying properly​

04/26/21 We are relocation our shop to West Virginia! 

02/04/​21 We have shut down the shop and will be relocating... stay tuned...

11/23/20 We are still here. We have one 1/4 scale 2-33 in stock. Running at limited capacity at this time. More news to come soon.

Please check availability of any product before ordering via e-mail, text messaging or phone.

04/16/20 We temporailly closed our production shop at this time for at least 30 days and are not making kits at this time. We still have one 1/4 scale 2-33 and one 1/3 scale 2-33 in stock for emidiate shipping.

03/20/20 Due to the Corona virus outbreak, supplies and materials may be impacted on timely deliveries beyond our control.

12/11/19 Added Vortex drooped wing tip kit for Peter Goldsmiths new 1/3 scale L-19 kit. Located in Accessories page

12/08/19 Cessna 185 kit page is done!

11/29/19 Revised Kits page

11/18/19 1/3 scale Cessna 185 Skywagon video just added to our videos page.

10/01/19 Aviation Concepts rc is now on Face Book

04/03/19 Added Color Scheme Layout for the 1/3 scale 2-33.

11-20-18 If you enter this website through Hangtimes Hobbies, and you have questions regarding any of Aviation Concepts products, please contact us and not Hangtimes Hobbies.

10-03-18 In the 1/3 scale 2-33 - cockpit kit. Link added to scale soaring forum of the cockpit kit display model.

June 2018 Again, my 2-33 won Best Landings award at the 3rd annual Windy Ridge Aerotow event

05/15/18 Added Bill Of Materials list and Scaling tips on the PT-19 Products page

05/15/18 Scale wing tip and tail wheels added for Peter Goldsmith design 40% Schweizer 1-26. In the Accessories page...

10/17/17 New, Just added. 1/3 scale 2-33 Cockpit Interior Kit.

09/01/17 new video added of my PT-19 in flight

07/10/17 Laser machine got a tune up and new parts installed.

03/20/17 new video of my 1/3 scale 2-33 in flight

03/18/17 new video of our local full scale soaring club LISA (Long Island Soaring Association) Cool 2-33 shots

August 2016, my 1/3 scale 2-33 won the TOP GUN award at the SKSS "Great American Aero"

June 2016. Customer Eric S. with his 1/3 scale 2-33 (yellow and blue) won best scale sailplane award at Hammondsport aerotowing event and my white and orange won best landing award at the same event...

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy with our products. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

Why our Kits are measurably better!

Superb plans and manuals

does not leave you guessing!

Quality Birch Plywood CNC machined cut...

clean edges equals better glue joints!

Laser cut accuracy on lite ply and hand selected balsa. Tight tollerance = measurably better!

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