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Posted on September 1, 2017 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

So it has been about 4 years and finally got a video made of my PT-19 flying. One of our local club members made it for me. Thanks Matt B. So in the video the prop almost stopped turning. The PTE 36 engine is slightly worn out even though the compression has steadily gone done over the last two years.

2 weekends later I take it out to fly again and it was'nt running well, Well, I thought it's time again for a new diaphragm. (thanks to the ethanol in our fuel) So, that usually is the fix... I took it up and flew it around and 5 minutes into the flight the engine quit. No problem, I put in half flaps and was able to make it back safely to the field. 

Richened up the high needle and a minute into the flight the muffler completly broke off. Just the mounting flange and bolts was still attached to the engine. So... I actually have a DLE 30 sitting around brand new in a box. Yes it s a side exhaust but just need a J-Tec wrap around pitts muffler and I will see how it fits,

Stay Tuned.