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Aviation Concepts  Schweizer SGS 2-33A 

1/4 Scale, Wing Span: 153" (12.75')

Length: 78.5" (6.5')

Wing Area: 1975 sq in

Flying Weight: 160oz (10 lbs)

Wing Loading: 12oz / Sq Ft

Airfoil: SD 7032

Radio: 5 channel, 7 Servo's

Rudder/ Elevator/ Ailerons/ Spoilers/ Tow Release

At last! After 3+ years of development we're thrilled to release this soaring masterpiece! Long the mainstay of the Club Soaring world, the Schweizer 2-33A was the first taste of soaring for many thousands of pilots. This beautiful 1/4 scale rendition with an advanced high performance airfoil is designed for aero-tow or benevolent slope launching and it's wide speed range will thrill even the most demanding soaring pilots in any kind of conditions.. turbulent air or light lift.; the Aviation Concepts SGS 2-33A will work an immense amount of sky.

Now, you can build your own! You can get the basic Plan Sets and Color Building Manual as well as the Fiberglass Nose Cone, Formed Canopy and Top Window Glass, Built-Up Wings and a Laser Cut Wood Parts Set too! (sorry, this is NOT available as an 'ARF'.. you get to build this!)

A Built Up wing that's a pleasure to build and a Joy to Fly!

Here again, we're breaking new ground.. who else offers a high performance airfoil on a scale 'training' glider? Nobody. And as any good soaring pilot knows, 'The wing is the thing'. For the wing design we chose the SD 7032 for the center sections and the tips to provide outstanding penetration, smooth & efficient thermal turns and an exceptional speed range making the 2-33 capable of dealing with higher wind conditions. You won't get stuck downwind, and your L/D will be phenomenal. This airfoil is right at home providing outstanding light and medium air thermal performance too! Thermal or slope, breezy or calm.. smooth sailing... and the 4 scale spoilers are a wonder for short field work and precision landings, right at your feet.

The Plans Set and Manual Package

This is the 'heart' of any big bird building project.. and the quality starts right here. Instead of just a set of blurred copies and a 'good luck' handshake, we give you 12 sheets of precise, detailed Original printed Plans (14 sheets with the built-up wing version!) with all full size patterns and a complete 'bill of materials' for the entire project.

The Build is astoundingly smooth and easy.. what would have been an overwhelmingly complicated fuselage structure builds up very quickly, flat on the board, right over the plans...

Then we go even further... MUCH further and include an outstanding color assembly manual. Included are the Designer Scale features and detail sheets, cockpit components and dash documentation, scale canopy latch, air speed and variometer pitots, steps, tip wheels & skids, tow release, removable Fin/Rudder and Stab details... literally EVERY bit of info needed to build an outstanding scale project. PLUS 50+ pages of straightforward step-by-step instructions with hundreds of color photos detailing each step.

The Canopy Parts and the Fiberglass Nose

Yep.. we got 'em. And not just flimsy parts that won't stand the test of time and hundreds of flights, either. We offer a beautiful molded fiberglass nose cone as well as a spectacular vacuum molded Canopy and Top Glass set, at a reasonable price. You don't want to know the hours that went into the custom molds for these components.. but we did it so you don't have to.  

Laser Cut Wood Parts

Here's the key to a speedy build... the Laser Cut Parts set.. Every piece that would take several days cutting with a precision band-saw just to get ready to build... it's all done for you. The Built-Up Wing versions stack of laser cut ribs is most impressive! From the stabilizer tips to the complicated formers and keel, all 185+ parts... Done. Top quality lumber selection, aircraft ply, light ply and balsa plus a precision cut you'll be amazed at. The fit is superb. As it should be. Add your sheet and stick wood per the manuals complete materials list and your ready to start building!

The Complete Package Deal

Here's the complete 'Short Kit', You'll get the Plans and Manual, the Canopy and Top Window, the Fiberglass Nose cone, the Laser Cut Wood Package.

Schweizer 2-33A 1/4 Scale Short Kit  PACKAGE DEAL


For additional accessories

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see the accessories page and click on "1/4 scale 2-33 kit accessories"

The Shipping Situation

Attention International Customers! Please contact us for a price quote.

The Kit ships on it's dimensions and it's weight. We send this via UPS to US destinations, average cost is about $35.00. Overseas destinations will likely be significantly more. The cart system will process the order for a kit and assign a base shipping cost of $34.50. If shipping to your destination is more than that we'll email you regarding the additional shipping costs and make arrangements to process your CC for the price difference in shipping to get it to your destination. If the cost is less we'll refund the price difference when the package ships.

I guess we should let you know...

The fiberglass work, plans, manual and laser cutting are ALL done in house here at Aviation Concepts. This is the ONLY way to assure the level of quality and attention to the details that make our kits the best in the industry. We strive to keep kits on hand ready to ship immediately, so you'll normally not have to wait "six weeks" (or months) for your kit to ship. If we experience any shipping delay longer than 2 days after your order comes in, we will immediately notify you of the situation and when you can expect your kit to ship. We'll do our best to not keep you hanging.. unless it's already built and you just wanna keep it in the thermals. We're certain your going to love it!